Why Irvine Bay?

Located on Scotland's Ayrshire coast, and close to Glasgow, Irvine Bay offers development land, refurbished industrial space and high quality office accommodation. Stunning coastline and refurbished town centres make this an outstanding place to live, work and do business.

Enterprise area

Enterprise Area

132 ha of development land and commercial property.

Life sciences at GSK

Life sciences

The Enterprise Area offers specific benefits to life sciences companies.

New jobs

New jobs

777 full-time jobs have been created in the area since 2007.

Irvine Bay's APM date is announced

Annual Public Meeting

Come to our Annual Public Meeting on 17 September 2015.

Children enjoying science in the classroom

Talk Science

Public talks and an extensive education programme are raising the profile of science related opportunities.

Inside the Boulevard Cafe at 2 Vernon Street

Growing businesses

We support local businesses and economic growth.

Our vision

Our vision is to create places where people will thrive, businesses will flourish and communities will grow.

Realising the potential of life sciences...

Our success

Since 2006 we have seen the impact of major regeneration, with refurbished town centres, new business opportunities and new jobs created.

Our projects

Follow the journey of our changing bay through our projects past and present. 

Baywatch Summer 2015

Read about all the latest regeneration in Irvine Bay and our plans for the future up until March 2017.

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