Our purpose is to attract more jobs to North Ayrshire by promoting the Irvine Bay area as a vibrant, attractive, competitive and sustainable business location.

Since 2006, Irvine Bay Regeneration Company has taken a lead role in making the local area a more attractive and successful place to live, work and do business.  

“The commitment of funding until March 2017 means that we will be able to deliver an ambitious business plan. We will then pass on the baton for economic regeneration fully to the Council, to take things on and build on the work carried out to date." Patrick Wiggins, CEO

New jobs and investment to the area have been the goal for Irvine Bay since the beginning and continue to be our main focus. By working to improve the town centres and developing local infrastructure we are aiming for the successful regeneration of Irvine Bay.

In March 2017, Irvine Bay's work will be completed and responsibility for the continued regeneration of the Irvine Bay area will be tranferred to North Ayrshire Council’s Economic Growth Service.

  • Transforming places

    Bringing change to the town centres is a vital element in the regeneration of the area. The award-winning redevelopments of Kilwinning town centre and the Bridgegate area of Irvine are both contributing to the local economy, increasing footfall and attracting new businesses.

  • Attracting jobs

    By spring 2014, Irvine Bay had seen 777 new jobs created in the area, some through business growth and others through companies relocating. With this level of success we revised our targets. We are now aiming for 2,500 new jobs by 2020.

  • Promoting the Enterprise Area

    Many of the new jobs are in i3, Irvine's Enterprise area. In April 2012 Irvine Bay became home to Scotland’s biggest single Enterprise Area, an achievement that has created significant opportunities, particularly for the growing life and chemical sciences sectors.

  • Realising ambitions

    Our education programme has been involving young people in the process of regeneration through activities directly linked with Curriculum for Excellence. Now, in partnership with the Royal Society of Edinburgh, a new programme of expert talks, in school and for the public, is raising awareness of opportunities, particularly in the sciences sector. 

  • Planning for the future

    Now, as our work culminates in a two year regeneration programme, completing in March 2017, our strategy is to leave a lasting legacy for the area which includes new jobs as well as great places to live and work.