Irvine Bay education programme

A wide ranging education programme contributed to regeneration at Irvine Bay.

Alongside the physical regeneration of Irvine Bay, vital work took place to help young people get involved and benefit from the renewal, and much of it took place in our schools. Our education programme was closely linked with Curriculum for Excellence, helping young people learn by connecting learning with their other experiences.

As a result, young people in primary and secondary schools across Irvine Bay got involved in regeneration projects, contributed to local transformation and developed their learning at the same time.


  • Regeneration youth

    Education projects were a key element in the regeneration of Irvine Bay and their high standards and relevance have been widely recognised in the education sector.

    In 2009 the i sea initiative was awarded top prize in the Technology Teachers Association Award for Best Cross-Curricular Project. In 2011 The Kilwinning Tiling Project was named as runner-up in the Investors in Education category at the Ayrshire Business Awards.

    Other effective projects included the opportunity to win Irvine's bandstand as well as projects that will contribute to the refurbishment of Trinity Church - Trinity carvingsTrinity stained glassTrinity weathervane. Teachers were introduced to the opportunities through a dedicated tour of the historic building.

    There’s plenty of evidence to show that young people learn best when there is a strong connection with the real world, so all our education projects were designed to help pupils cover the curriculum while also getting involved in local regeneration.

  • Talk Science

    In 2014 a new education programme was introduced by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, with support from Irvine Bay Regeneration Company. Building on the established education programme Talk Science @ Irvine Bay had a particular focus on building interest in engineering and science as a career option for young people in the area.

    The programme included public events as well as hundreds of school based activities over two years. It was organised by the RSE and delivered by some of Scotland's most eminent scientific experts.