Our achievements

Irvine Bay Regeneration Company can demonstrate success in creating new jobs, attracting investment to the area, creating new business premises and improving town centres.

For a decade, the focus at irvine Bay was formly on creating jobs and attracting inward investment. Read on to find out more about what has been achieved.

  • Jobs

    A total of 1283 full time equivalent jobs were created in the area in the 10 years between 2006 and 2016.

    Here are some of the steps on the way to that achievement

    • Between 2007 and September 2013 IBRC reported the creation of around 360 full-time jobs.
    • In Spring 2014 IBRC reported a total of 777 new full-time jobs created, and by September 2015 a total of 1002. This faster growth isdirectly connected with the development of the Enterprise Area, where over 400 new jobs have been created, since it was established in 2012.

    Jobs targets

    The 2007 target of creating 1,100 jobs was revised in 2013, with a new target of creating 2,500 new jobs by 2020.

    Projects launched before the completion of Irvine Bay could lead to the creation of 7,000 further jobs through our investment in business infrastructure.


    In addition to the above, an estimated 536 jobs were created within the construction sector.


    A clear commitment to local training and skills shows in the creation of 256 training places receiving a combined total of 1,699 training weeks.

  • Investment

    Over £40 million of public funds were invested in Irvine Bay, with £100 million of private investment committed. These funds have contributed to key projects that have transformed town centres, renovated derelict buildings, created new business accommodation and contributed to infrastructure. 

  • Town centres

    In the town centres our work led to:

    • The preparation and implementation of the Irvine Town Regeneration Plan which, in association with the Council, has led to a focus on four major projects – major public realm works in the Bridgegate area; the refurbishment of the A-listed Trinity Church; the refurbishment of Bridgegate House; the new Irvine Leisure Centre
    • The development of new and award-winning public realm in Kilwinning town centre
    • The development of the new Ardrossan Medical Centre
    • The refurbishment of Saltcoats station building
    • The refurbishment of listed buildings within Ardrossan such as the former Jack Millers building, the pump house and the Lyric Theatre
    • Nearly 54,000 sq m of public realm within our towns and business areas has benefited from major physical improvements.
  • i3, Irvine's Enterprise Area

    Announced by the Scottish Government in 2012, the Enterprise Area became the major focus of IBRC’s business infrastructure work. The Enterprise Area is important in attracting new investment and jobs to North Ayrshire, with business incentives available to attract new companies, including life sciences companies, into the area. Achievements include:

    • More than £100 million of capital investment was committed by the private sector in i3
    • Our support and investment has seen a 56% increase in the number of companies within i3 with the total now standing at 39 companies
    • An additional 560 jobs have been created or relocated within i3, and 534 contractors
    • As a result, over 2,000 people are now employed within i3
    • New infrastructure, signage and landscaping
    • New office accommodation has been built at Annickbank
  • Business accommodation and growth

    In addition to i3, new business accommodation has been created elsewhere to bring regeneration and stimulate growth.

    Altogether, across Irvine Bay:

    • 21,500 sq m of office space has been created or redeveloped
    • 59,000 sq m of commercial space has been created or redeveloped

    Our work within the local economy has seen us support over 53 companies to develop and expand their businesses.

  • Communities
    • We have secured over £10m in funding to support local projects such as the redevelopment of Trinity Church and the expansion of Kilwinning Community Sports Club.
    • We have supported 68 local community groups on a range of local projects such as Glebe tennis courts and the PRYDE project.
    • Supporting our history and heritage is vital and we have restored 10 listed buildings within key sites
    • We have created or improvied 2 kilometres of pathways


  • Education

    Our education programme has made a lasting and significant contribution to the regeneration of the area. We have worked with over 14,400 young people from 41 schools, 3 colleges, the University of West of Scotland and involved 41 business partners.