New business premises in Irvine Bay

Looking back over the last 10 years, new office accommodation and business premises have been created across Irvine Bay as a way of supporting business growth and creating new jobs.

Right from the start business premises were identified as a key way of supporting regeneration in the Irvine Bay area. Quality office accommodation was a limiting factor in businesses choosing to locate in the area and this was a challenge we tackled head on.

New business premises in Irvine Bay

Now, as we look back on the achievements of the regeneration company and the growth that has taken place, we can see the difference that new and refurbished business premises have made to the area.

Altogether, across Irvine Bay:

  • 18,000 sq m of office space has been created or redeveloped
  • 46,000 sq m of commercial space has been created or redeveloped

Our work within the local economy has seen us support over 50 companies to develop and expand their businesses.

Refurbished buildings in Ardrossan and Saltcoats

Several old buildings in our town centres were refurbished and commissioned to stimulate business growth and regeneration.

  • A derelict office at 54-56 Princes Street has been turned into two modern shops in one of Irvine Bay’s very first projects in 2007.
  • The refurbishment and extension of the former bank building at 93 Princes Street provides lettable office space in the town centre.
  • High quality commercial accommodation has been created at 78 Princes Street, formerly Jack Miller’s. The refurbished building was completed in autumn 2010.
  • The pump house at the harbour was refurbished and became home to Cecchini’s restaurant.
  • The former station building in Saltcoats received a makeover and quickly became a popular café.
  • More recently the former Ardrossan police station which was lying derelict has been transformed into a new medical centre, providing high quality medical accommodation.

New build business premises

With demand for high quality business premises well established, new build projects have come to the fore, delivering purpose build accommodation to meet particular needs in different sectors.

A major new business development at Ardrossan Harbour has been completed as part of the regeneration of Ardrossan. Ardrossan Quayside is part of the wider plan to develop Ardrossan North Shore. The building includes office space and viewing balconies, and will provide flexible accommodation with potential for hotel space, offices, restaurant and shops.

Initially we were interested in preserving the old Grange cinema building in Stevenston, but it quickly became clear that the building could not be saved and the only option was demolition. Instead, a new purpose-build business centre, The Grange Business Centre was designed and delivered, a successful focus for Stevenston town centre. The ground floor of the Grange immediately became home to Scotmid and in fact the building was finished ahead of schedule to accommodate this let quickly in the key pre-Christmas period of 2011.

Meanwhile in Irvine, Ailsa Industrial has been created to provide the right accommodation for small businesses in the area. The units were built in several phases between 2011 and 2014.

Transforming Irvine’s business park

Alongside all of this a major success for the area has been the rebranding and relaunch of the business area now known as i3, Irvine's Enterprise Area. This “tired” business park has benefited from new investment and the benefits of its Enterprise Area status. New infrastructure, signage and landscaping have been added, buildings have been refurbished and new accommodation created at Annickbank Innovation Campus.

Altogether, more than £100 million of capital investment has been committed by the private sector in i3:

  • Our support and investment has seen a 28% increase in the number of companies within i3 with the total now standing at 32 companies
  • An additional 411 jobs have been created or relocated within i3
  • As a result, over 2,000 people are now employed within i3

New places, new jobs

Taken together, the creation of new business premises across the Irvine Bay area has contributed significantly to regeneration helping with the creation of over 1000 new jobs that have been created, many of them in the last few years.