Chequered flag falls on the race for the bandstand

The chequered flag has been waved to signal the end of the race to win a truly unique prize – a genuine bandstand!

Entries have now closed for the competition designed to give young people in Irvine Bay the opportunity to win the Irvine town centre bandstand, and judging will take place over the next few weeks. And Irvine Bay Regeneration Company, who organised the unusual contest for local schools, is delighted at the quality of entries received.

Chequered Flag Falls On The Race For The Bandstand

Artist and Sculptor Peter McCaughey is creating a new giant artwork for the ongoing regeneration of Irvine town centre.

The town’s bandstand needs to be relocated to accommodate the exciting transformation of the town centre being carried out by Irvine Bay Regeneration Company and North Ayrshire Council.

Rather than lose the iconic structure, Irvine Bay schools and youth clubs were invited to put forward their ideas for its relocation and future use –via a two-minute video or a 500 word written submission.

To win, entrants have to answer a whole raft of questions and tackle some big issues, including an explanation of where it would be sited, how and who it would be used by, what benefits it would bring, what other organisations would benefit, how it would be maintained and what funds would be accessed to develop it. 

Patrick Wiggins, Chief Executive of Irvine Bay, said: “We are genuinely thrilled at the quality of the entries. While judging will be tough, we should be able to announce the winner of this one-off prize within the next few weeks.”