i3 home for RUA Medical

A Prestwick based life sciences company has moved into larger premises at i3, Irvine’s Enterprise Area, setting the company’s course for growth.

RUA Medical is an experienced full service medical device contract developer, contract manufacturer and implantable fabric specialist.  The company provides sub-contract design, development, manufacture, assembly, packing, inventory management, logistics and consultancy services to the medical device and biotech industries.

i3 home for RUA Medical

When the new premises were purchased the plan was to move the company there in its entirety. However, expansion in a current contract means that RUA Medical took the decision to maintain both sites, with cleanroom facilities currently based in Prestwick.

The company was original set up by David Richmond in 2004 and has grown to have 15 employees. Until recently the company was known as Culzean Medical Devices Ltd. The trading name change to “RUA Medical” marks the next stage of the company’s evolution. The company have just launched a new website at RUAmedical.com

The team at Irvine Bay helped RUA Medical to identify an opportunity to purchase a building in Drummond Crescent  within the Enterprise Area.

The new premises provide 11,500 sq ft of space. Irvine Bay has contributed funding from the Small Commercial and Industrial Fund to support the refurbishment. Irvine facility becomes Head office, non-cleanroom production and final packaging site. The Prestwick site has been retained for Class 7 cleanroom manufacture and assembly.

David Richmond, CEO of RUA Medical comments, “Irvine’s Enterprise Area provides an ideal setting for our company. The infrastructure and facilities are appropriate and the modern industrial park setting gives out the right messages. There is a strong life sciences presence at the Enterprise Area already and although we don’t necessarily work directly with these companies there are benefits in sharing the location. As part of the life sciences community in Scotland, we see great benefits in close associations with others in the same general sector. Our new location also enables us to build strong links with local suppliers.”

RUA Medical has a stable long term team of staff who form the core of the company. David comments, “We are committed to investing in both people and facilities as this is what will enable us to grow, increasing our capacity to export and potentially developing new links in the UK. The industry we work in demands upfront investment – we have to be able to demonstrate production capacity and expertise in order to attract business. Our new facilities put us in strong position.”

RUA Medical works extensively with companies in the USA, so the Irvine area provides an ideal base, with easy access to international travel.

The plan for next year is to design and install new cleanroom space at the Irvine facility to enable further expansion of the company.

The success of Irvine’s Enterprise Area means that companies like RUA Medical are choosing to locate there. There has been a 28% increase in the number of companies within i3 with an additional 411 jobs created.