Annickbank designs

Pupils at Greenwood Academy have been involved in designing branding for the new business park at Annickbank, Irvine.

120 second year pupils were set the challenge in June 2009 by Speyroc Ltd, the builders of Annickbank Innovation Campus on the edge of Irvine. Their task was to create and design a logo and branding suitable for a business park. The Speyroc team got involved and provided a detailed brief similar to that used with professional marketing companies to establish an identity for the park.

The pupils at Greenwood were invited to research marketing, branding and logo designs and present their ideas for a suitable business park logo to a group from Speyroc which included an architect, marketing specialists and managing director. The Speyroc team heard the presentations from the top 10 groups and provided valuable feedback to the pupils.

Although the exercise simply mirrors the actual process used to create an identity for the park, this project adds value to topics in the Art and Design curriculum and enables the pupils to apply their learning in a real life context.

The Art and Design department was delighted to be given this opportunity to work in partnership with a local development and to enable them to replicate a ‘real’ project within the curriculum.

The project has developed into a positive relationship with Haa Design.

In a follow-on project, 20 pupils designed a sculpture for the entranceway to the park. To start the project, Haa Design invited the pupils to visit their offices in Glasgow and then took them to visit Andy Scott Studios and hear Andy talk about his work in sculpture.