Ardrossan Quayside

The development of a stunning new building at Ardrossan Quayside has been completed as part of the regeneration of Ardrossan.

The project is part of the wider plan to develop Ardrossan North Shore. including the extension of the already successful marina. Over three floors, the building includes office space and viewing balconies, and will provide flexible accommodation with potential for hotel space, restaurant and shops.

Austin-Smith:Lord were  appointed as architects and created designs for the mixed use development. A planning application was submitted early in 2011 and planning consent obtained in February 2012. Further detailed work continued to take the design onto building warrant and tender stage to ensure the project was best placed to attract funding.

In the meantime, the yacht park has been relocated to make way for the new development. Yachts that are out of the water, some of them for sale, are now sitting on a prominent site by the roundabout.

Ultimately the proposed development will form part of the continuing redevelopment of Ardrossan North Shore and the expansion of the marina, creating new jobs and providing commercial opportunities which will benefit the local community.

In spring 2013 it was confirmed that ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funding would provide £465K towards the cost of the development. The ERDF helps projects which offer substantial benefits to an area and its communities.

In November 2013 £1.8 million was secured from the Scottish Government's Capital Development Fund. 
A number of companies have indicated an interest in the accommodation. Construction started on 28 July 2014 with the contractor Ashleigh Construction Ltd.

In June 2015 hub South West, procurement partner, handed over the £3m Ardrossan Quayside commercial development project to Irvine Bay Regeneration Company.

This building is available to let. Find more information and property particulars for Ardrossan Quayside.

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