Beach Park challenge

What should Irvine Beach Park look like? How can it be developed? What ideas do young people have that will make a difference to the park?

300 P7 pupils from 7 primary schools in the Greenwood Academy cluster worked hard to create ideas for the park. Their aim was to encourage local people and tourists to make more use of this open area by the beach.

Supporting Curriculum for Excellence, this is cross-curricular project involved pupils in designing the ‘activity’ and making a scale drawing; writing a presentation; creating a logo and branding for their idea.

The project included

  • Involving young people in the regeneration process
  • Gathering views from young people on how they see the Beach Park being used and how it might fit with their lifestyle
  • Providing a real context for learning in a variety of curricular areas
  • Encouraging pupils' thinking about business / community possibilities and build skills for life, work and learning
  • Raising awareness of employability options in the area

The pupils presented their ideas for the Beach Park at an exhibition as part of the induction process offered by Greenwood Academy to its 7 primary schools.

The pupils' work contributes to plans to redevelop Irvine Beach Park.