Line runs through it

As part of the refurbishment of the Bridgegate, a timeline has been created running from the High Street, through the Bridgegate to Trinity Church.

The timeline features key dates in the history of Irvine, Scotland and beyond.

Pupils from Greenwood Academy were involved in the design of the timeline and consulted with local people to establish which dates should feature on the timeline.

The project contributes to the refurbishment of the Bridgegate.

Getting involved

Pupils in Greenwood Academy S3 were challenged to come up with 45 ideas for including in the timeline.

About the project

The focus for this project is around making modern history today, by creating a significant piece of public artwork, which can be enjoyed and appreciated by generations to come.

Artist Peter McCaughey worked with pupils, introducing them to the brief for the project and guiding them through the design and development, which will ultimately result in a stone timeline engraved in the walkway.

In June 2012 pupils presented a visual representation of the timeline to Peter McCaughey who created the final version, which has been incorporated in the new Bridgegate area.

Curriculum for Excellence

The project provided opportunities for pupils to explore aspects of Social Studies, Language and ICT in a meaningful, real-life setting.

The project is also the ideal environment to develop core skills, including working with others, communication, problem solving, community consultation, managing time, meeting a brief and presenting ideas.

Regeneration Youth

The project is one of a series of Regeneration Youth projects which enables young people to become actively involved in decision making about their local community.