Rethinking bandstand

Run as an exciting competition, this education project invited local young people to consider how their school could use the Irvine bandstand.

St Mark's Primary won the competition and the bandstand has now been relocated in their school grounds.

The other three schools who were shortlisted in the competition also overwhelmed judges with their motivation, skills and enthusiasm for the project. As a result they also won exciting runner-up awards, tailored to the needs and aspirations of each school.

About the project

Irvine's bandstand needed a new location and a brand new purpose. This Regeneration Youth project was designed to involve local young people in an exciting curriculum-related project which will help them develop new skills as well as taking part in the regeneration of the area.

The reason for moving the bandstand is the major refurbishment of the Bridgegate. A new piece of public art by Peter McCaughey will become the centrepiece of the new development, so it was time for the bandstand to make a move.

This project was a real opportunity for local young people to make their mark on the town centre, suggesting where the bandstand should be located and what its new role might be. The bandstand could become somewhere to think, to study, to stage performances, chair debates or simply chill out.

In the first round of the competition four schools were shortlisted. Following phenomenal entries from all four shortlisted schools, St Mark's Primary were awarded the bandstand.

Curriculum for Excellence

This project was designed to promote skills for life including teamwork, communication, creativity and IT. Building new partnerships with external organisations will be a key element of the project.

Regeneration Youth

Our Regeneration Youth strategy is about actively engaging the young people of Irvine Bay in the future of their area. The projects we develop are designed to connect local young people with regeneration both in and out of the classroom, and help them benefit directly from it.