Trinity carvings

Pupils in Irvine have contributed to the regneration of Trinity Church by helping to design new carvings for pillars in the church.

Local Irvine pupils were given the opportunity to work with professionals to design column capitols for Trinity Church, Irvine, which is being refurbished as part of a major regeneration of the Bridgegate.

About the project

This Regeneration Youth project involves local young people in the regeneration of an important city centre building.

The column capitols under the gallery were left plain when the church was built, so that they could be carved at times of significant moments in the life of the building. Now the current restoration of the historic building provides an ideal opportunity to involve local young people in an exciting project which will enhance their learning.

The pupil's artwork informed the process of creating new designs for the plain capitols.

Getting involved

This project was most challenging for pupils and we were delighted to receive over 30 ideas from 4 schools – 1 secondary and 2 primary schools in the area. We would like to thank the 5 teachers who took up the challenge and made the project a success. A panel of experts met in May to view the submissions. It was considered important at that stage that we review the brief to include more modern ideas in the designs. 

In consultation with the architect, a revised brief was presented to senior pupils in June 2012. A group of S4 pupils from Greenwood Academy produced further designs.

Curriculum for Excellence

This project supports the Curriculum for Excellence, helping young people to develop skills for work by learning in a real-life setting. Pupils will use research and report writing skills, maths and physics for dimensions, as well as art and design as part of this inter-disciplinary project.

Regeneration Youth

Our Regeneration Youth strategy is about actively engaging the young people of Irvine Bay in the future of their area. The education projects we develop are designed to connect local young people with regeneration both in and out of the classroom, and help them benefit directly from it.