Trinity weathervane

Irvine Bay schools and youth groups were set the challenge to design a new, modern weathervane and crown stone for the spire of Trinity Church in Irvine.

Trinity Church has a prominent position in the centre of the town and is being refurbished as part of a major transformation of the Bridgegate area.

During the course of 2009 a new roof was put on Trinity Church and a comprehensive survey of the spire carried out. This work was completed in February 2010.

About the project

The project involved young people in working alongside designers to develop their ideas for a new weathervane and crown stone:

  • consulting with stonemasons and blacksmiths for advice
  • visits to the church and to offices to gather info
  • opportunities to use art & design, social studies, language and maths as part of the project.
  • We were delighted with response to this challenge and received 155 ideas from 6 schools - 1 secondary and 5 primary schools in the area. We would like to thank the 8 teachers who took up the challenge and made the project a success.

Congratulations to Lucy Hulbert from Greenwood Academy whose winning design was announced at the Wave artists' studio in Rivergate on 1 February 2013.

Her design has been developed as a new feature for the Trinity Church Spire and is now in place above the town.

Curriculum for Excellence

This project is designed to support Curriculum for Excellence, providing an ideal opportunity for young people to develop skills for work by meeting a real design brief and following industrial process guidelines. The project offers great partnership opportunities and develops career awareness.

Regeneration Youth

Our Regeneration Youth strategy is about actively engaging the young people of Irvine Bay in the future of their area. The education projects we develop are designed to connect local young people with regeneration both in and out of the classroom, and help them benefit directly from it.

Key partners were

  • All Irvine Bay schools and youth groups
  • Historic Scotland
  • North Ayrshire Council