Business networking opportunities

Creating strong connections with other local businesses can be a route to growth.

At Irvine Bay we are committed to providing opportunities for local businesses to thrive. Our regeneration programme has created new business space and regular networking opportunities.

Talks Business

This well established business networking series has two aims:

  • To keep local businesses up to date with Irvine Bay plans and opportunities
  • To provide a forum for networking with other local businesses
“It is vital that our local firms understand what we are doing, how our work can benefit them, and how they can work with us. These meetings provide companies in Irvine Bay with an opportunity to engage directly with us.” Patrick Wiggins, CEO

Talks business events take place each year in different venues across the area. These meetings allow us to keep local businesses up to date with our activity and progress, and with the opportunities that might result. 

Look out for details about our next series.