Local jobs

We are committed to generating new job opportunities in the North Ayrshire area, attracting inward investment and supporting local businesses.

By providing modern business property in outstanding locations and improving the town centres we aim to attract and retain new business and provide the right environment for business growth.

A total of 1283 full time equivalent jobs have been created in the area in the 10 years between 2006 and 2016.

Here's a bit about how it happened...

Between 2007 and September 2013 IBRC reported the creation of around 360 full-time jobs. In Spring 2014 IBRC reported a total of 777 new full-time jobs created, and by September 2015 a total of 1002. This faster growth is directly connected with the development of the Enterprise Area, where over 400 new jobs have been created, since it was established in 2012.

Jobs targets

The 2007 target of creating 1,100 jobs was revised in 2013, with a new target of creating 2,500 new jobs by 2020. Projects currently underway could lead to the creation of 7,000 further jobs through our investment in business infrastructure.

In addition to the above, an estimated 457 jobs have been created within the construction sector.

Training and skills development

A clear commitment to local training and skills shows in the creation of 256 training places receiving a combined total of 1,699 training weeks.

Work within the local economy has seen IBRC support over 43 companies to develop and expand their businesses.

i3, Irvine's Enterprise Area

Irvine's Enterprise Area is currently providing a major focus for inward investment. Buildings are being refurbished and marketed to businesses in the life sciences, chemical sciences, data centres and manufacturing sectors, encouraging businesses to consider this area of North Ayrshire for relocation.

Irvine Bay's support and investment has seen a 56% increase in the number of companies within i3, with the total now standing at 39 companies. Over 2,000 people are now emplyed within i3, and the growth within this area represents significant opportunities for jobs in secotrs such as life sciences, chemical sciences, engineering and many more.

Coastal developments

New developments in the area are leading to both construction jobs and permanent jobs.

For example, The Ayrshire is the new international golf course and hotel which is planned for Marine Drive in Irvine. This new development is expected to provide around 250 construction jobs. Once complete the development will require around 90 full time and 45 part time employees ranging from green keepers to bar tenders, caddies and hotel managers.

Another example is Ardrossan North Shore, a project to extend the successful Ardrossan marina, creating housing and business developments in the area. The project is expected to create the equivalent of 414 full time jobs.

Town centres

Projects, such as the redevelopment of Kilwinning Main Street and the Bridgegate refurbishment are designed to stimulate the economy and bring retail and other jobs into to the towns.

Small business space

Projects that provide much needed business space for small businesses, such as The Grange business centre and the redevelopment of the NACCO site will also make an important contribution to bringing jobs in to the area.