Our towns

Since it began, Irvine Bay has had a strong focus on making a difference to the area: to the town centres, surrounding areas and key waterfront locations.

These strategic local projects continue to be a priority as we work towards changing perceptions of the area, developing local businesses, supporting regeneration and attracting inward investment.

  • Irvine

    The vision for Irvine town centre is to overcome the new town legacy and to restore its historic character. Major changes in the town centre are having a major impact on the atmosphere, encouraging local people to enjoy what Irvine has to offer.

    Find out more in the Irvine town regeneration plan.

    Bridgegate House and the surrounding Bridgegate public realm have completely transformed this area of the town and there are exciting and diverse plans to develop the harbourside, creating a new coastal village. New uses for older buildings in the town centre, such as Trinity Church, are also being pursued and the Southern Gateway will become a key site as plans for the new leisure centre develop.


  • Kilwinning

    Kilwinning is an attractive and historic town surrounded by new town estates. The vision for Kilwinning is of an historic abbey town offering an excellent quality of life, high quality services in a bustling town centre and attractive housing with easy transport links to Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

    The Kilwinning regeneration plan was developed to revitalise the main streets and promote the town centre businesses and work is now complete on the major refurbishment of the Main Street. The official opening of the revitalised Kilwinning Main Street took place on 21 October 2010.

    In 2003, James Watt College established its Ayrshire campus immediately north-west of the town centre. Since then, the campus has been a major success for both Kilwinning and the college and is an important element in the local education offering.

  • Ardrossan

    The vision for Ardrossan is to create a good place to work, live and relax next to the sea, with a regenerated town centre serving the existing and incoming community. This will be achieved through regeneration of Ardrossan town centre and the future development of Ardrossan North Shore and the harbourside in a co-ordinated and overall plan.

    Find out more in the Ardrossan town regeneration plan.

    Ardrossan North Shore

    The area around Ardrossan marina is being redeveloped with a major project known as Ardrossan North Shore. With several different elements, the project includes a new quayside hotel and a major extension to the successful marina, as well as new housing and office space.

    Town centre

    A number of prominent buildings have been transformed in the centre of Ardrossan to create new facilities. In January 2013, £2.5 million of funding was secured for a new medical centre which has now opened on a previously derelict site in the town centre.

  • Saltcoats

    The vision for Saltcoats is as a modern, up-market seaside resort – a good place both to visit and to live. In the summer large numbers of people use the beaches on either side of the town and the strategy is to draw these people into the town by reinventing its role as a 21st century resort.

    Find out more about the Saltcoats town regeneration plan.

    Once a popular seaside resort, Saltcoats still maintains a significant town centre area providing a range of retail and leisure facilities, as well as a small harbour and beach front promenade. Together, these help the town to remain a popular day-tripper destination.

    The old station building in the centre of Saltcoats has been redeveloped to provide a cafe and business accommodation at 2 Vernon Street.

    Funding has been secured from the Scottish Government to refurbish Saltcoats Town Hall. Plans have been developed which will breathe new life into this landmark building, ensuring it will be the core of the local community once more. North Ayrshire Council are now taking this development through to completion.

  • Stevenston

    The vision for the regeneration of Stevenston is of a coastal town set within a forest with a distinctive residential feel. The Stevenston town regeneration plan includes proposals for developing the town centre, more residential development.

    The Grange business centre is now complete and open, providing retail and business accommodation in the town.

    A new piece of community art has been located at the cross in Stevenston, with local young people involved in its development.