Working in Irvine Bay

Our role at Irvine Bay is to attract more jobs to North Ayrshire by promoting the Irvine Bay area as a vibrant, attractive, competitive and sustainable business location.

Irvine Enterprise Area

Major inward investment opportunities are available to create new jobs in the area. In March 2012 Irvine was awarded Enterprise Area status for a large area of land, providing incentives for businesses that relocate to North Ayrshire. i3 - Irvine Innovation and industry is already being marketed as a major opportunity for inward investment in North Ayrshire, with the Enterprise Area benefits applying across much of the business park and commercial property already available.

Support for businesses

North Ayrshire Economic Development Services provides support to local business and those seeking to relocate.

The Irvine Bay area has a long history of traditional manufacturing. In the past it provided the economic base for a number of key industries. The initial impact of new jobs and inward investment generated by the ‘new town’ development of Irvine in the 1960s and 1970s has declined significantly in recent years. Our plans are to reverse this trend.

Commercial Property

Already modern business premises are providing opportunities for local businesses to grow and for new businesses to move into the area. The Grange is Stevenston's new business centre, providing retail and office space in the centre of Stevenston. Another example is 78 Princes Street in Ardrossan which provides artists studio space and an art gallery. A range of commercial property is currently available in this part of North Ayrshire.

Jobs and growth

Future employment opportunities in the Irvine Bay area will focus on creating quality business infrastructure that promotes and supports the growth of local companies and encourages commercial property investment in the area. The area’s coastal location, natural environment and proximity to Glasgow, all offer significant future economic potential.



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